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Testing is a not negligible key to success in the product development cycle. Unfortunately, this discipline is not always considered with needed attention, although it plays a central role for the quality of the product. We support you in the field of testing complex electronic systems. Therefore we systematically check the fulfillment of specified requirements and correct deviations and errors of the system.

Together with your employees or on our own, but always in close coordination with you, we provide the following services for you:

  • Sketch the process of testing

  • Analyze existing processes and restructure / reorganize them if needed

  • Create test specifications

  • Plan test campaigns and perform tests

  • Train employees in the process of testing

  • Analyze and evaluate test results


Your benefits from testing through Behr Engineering:

  • An organized and systematic test concept leads to a significant quality intensification

  • This procedure has a positive effect on the 2 main factors, time and money

  • We minimize your risks with a well conceived test concept

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